What if you could change the workplace?

1 in 3 jobs is hidden.

Never disclosed by the hiring company.

Lack of time & urgency.

Poor internal communication.

Confidential vacancy.

Inefficient hiring. Missing on great opportunities. Globally.

That hurts?

Network effects.

The workplace is inefficient. Too many internal moves with colleagues who do not have the desired skills.. but have only the seniority at the firm or are the most outspoken. The HR have failed on their mission to support real talents. It is time to give voice to those who believe that giving the broad-based empowerment to all the people at the hiring firm to spot new talent is the path forward for performance at work. From entry levels to senior executives, our Community fosters individuals who have a strong desire to make a change. Across geographies.

Solution: Grey Jobs

Hidden Jobs Now Revealed.

We are building the ultimate job search experience.
Share and access anonymously worldwide, quality job that would never have been officially disclosed by the hiring company.
Why? Our vetted Community bypasses the traditional job search process (no agency, no job board, no career website) by curating each vacancy posted on Grey Jobs.

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Member Check.

We assess all new applications to join Grey Jobs. At the moment, we reject about 60% of the applications (missing details, low social proof..).

You're anonymous.

While we know each of our members, each of them remains anonymous vis-à-vis the Community. You may not want to come across your boss on Grey Jobs.

Vetted jobs.

The Community curates all the jobs posted on Grey jobs, in order to increase the likelihood & relevancy of the vacancy.

Network effects.

Don’t talk and read about network effects. Build them. The more jobs you post, the more valuable Grey Jobs becomes for your own job search.

It's free for the moment. Enjoy!