Popotam SASU, 88 rue Jean Godefroy, 17000 La Rochelle (hereinafter “Popotam”) develops various services and offers various solutions for job searching and career planning. These terms of use apply to all products and services offered by Popotam for jobseekers (hereinafter also termed “Users”). Thank you for choosing us.
These terms of use apply regardless whether Users themselves use the products and services offered by Popotam on our various websites (e.g. grey-jobs.com, hereinafter “Platforms”), on mobile applications (hereinafter called “Apps”) or in other ways.
Each User has the option of applying to register him/herself for a free account on our Platforms (hereinafter the “Popotam Account”). It is necessary to provide your full name, valid email address, country of residence and linkedin profile (url) for this. On clicking the “Submit” button, the User sends a request for an application to create a Popotam Account to Popotam. Popotam checks the request and creates or not the Popotam Account. Check your email address as Popotam sends you a confirmation link. On the creation of the Popotam Account by Popotam a contractual relationship comes into being between the User and Popotam.
Following the creation of the Popotam Account the User can input additional data in his/her Popotam Account and use the products and services offered by Popotam for registered Users.
The following services, among others, are available free of charge to registered Users:
Profile: Users may create a profile by inputting personal data (e.g. address, education, interests etc.) and uploading documents.
One Click Application: Users may apply for jobs using their profile. Popotam uses the data supplied to complete certain fields of the application form automatically. In addition, the User may use the documents supplied in his/her profile for the application.
Job Alert / JobMailer: Users may store a job search on their Popotam Account and receive suitable vacancies regularly by email.
Favorites: Users may store job vacancies and then access the stored job vacancies via their Popotam Account.
CV Cloud / Base CV: If a User makes his/her profile visible, it will be partially visible to potential employers and recruitment agencies. The User can change this setting at any time.
Talent Check: Using a questionnaire Popotam analyses the User’s strengths.
Salary Check: Users may carry out a pay comparison that among other things provides details of the average annual pay (gross) of other persons in similar positions.
“Apply with” function: The “Apply with” function enables the User to apply him/herself for jobs directly on the website of an employer that uses this function. For this purpose, the User sends by means of the “Apply with” function his/her CV and application details to Popotam and requests and authorizes Popotam to make these details available to employers in relation to the selected job advertisement. Job seekers are solely responsible for the content and format of their CV and application data.
Job Coach Newsletter: Users receive newsletters on the topics of job search and applications. The newsletters can be unsubscribed from at any time; a corresponding function to unsubscribe from the newsletter is contained in every newsletter.
Candidate Care: Popotam contacts the User by phone or email to suggest interesting job offerings to him/her corresponding to his/her previous search behavior or to support him/her in his/her career planning. The User can change this setting at any time.
Popotam reserves the right at any time to add new services and to change or completely or partially discontinue existing services.
Users without a Popotam Account may use all services that are available on the Popotam website or by App without registering. In particular, non-registered Users can search for job advertisements and apply for vacancies.
Popotam reserves the right at any time to add new services and to change or completely or partially discontinue existing services.
The protection of personal data is important to Popotam. Therefore, Popotam handles the personal data of Users at all times with the greatest care and in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. Popotam uses personal data among other things to provide services that the User can makes use of. In addition, Popotam uses personal data with the help of a statistical model to optimize the job search and job recommendations for the Users of its Platforms (“Job Matching”). For this purpose, Popotam evaluates the data (including data from uploaded documents) that Users pass to Popotam and the usage behavior of the User on the Popotam Platforms. You will find more detailed information on the use of personal data in Popotam’s privacy policy.
The Users also grant to Popotam the unlimited right to use and dispose of in anonymized form the data passed to Popotam.
Users have the option of reviewing employers on the company review platform. When doing so the following rules must be complied with:
Only those employers may be reviewed for whom the User works or has worked or to whom he/she has applied and by whom he/she has been invited for an interview.
All details of employer and place of work must be complete and correct; no untrue allegations of facts concerning employers, their employees or other circumstances concerning the respective employer may be made.
Any identification of natural persons or details that enable a natural person to be identified (with the exception of oneself) must be omitted.
The User may not link the details supplied by him/her to external content.
The User agrees that his/her employer reviews can be edited or abbreviated by Popotam and may be moved within Popotam‘s website to other sections or topics. In addition, the User acknowledges that Popotam may reject or delete the connection to his/her employer review at any time and without giving reasons. He/she agrees that Popotam may forward his/her employer review to third parties.
Popotam reserves the right at any time to add new services and to change or completely or partially discontinue existing services.
The use of services and products offered by Popotam under these terms and conditions of use is free in principle. In the case of fee-based services or products, Popotam will point this out to the User in explicit terms on its Platforms before the use of such services or products.
All data submitted must be complete, current and true. If the User supplies incomplete or false details Popotam may at any time terminate the contract pursuant to paragraph 10 of these terms and conditions of use and/or block the Popotam Account temporarily or permanently.
The User may only use his/her Popotam Account for personal use and must keep safe his/her access details and passwords and not pass them to third parties. If a third party obtains access to the Popotam Account of a User, the respective User must inform Popotam of this immediately.
All proprietary and intellectual property rights in the websites, Platforms and Apps of Popotam, in particular copyrights and rights in trademarks, designs and know-how remain in the ownership of Popotam.
Popotam grants to the Users a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Platform, Apps and the products and services offered by Popotam in accordance with these terms and conditions of use.
Popotam gives no guarantees in relation to its Platforms, Apps or the products and services offered by Popotam. In particular, Popotam does not guarantee
the topicality, accuracy, completeness or suitability of content for a particular purpose;
that submitted application documents will be received, read or answered or lead to a successful job placement; and
the uninterrupted or disruption-free availability of its services.
Popotam carries out regular backups. Notwithstanding this data losses cannot be completely excluded.
Popotam shall be liable in accordance with applicable law only for damage caused intentionally or through gross negligence.
Popotam also publishes on its Platforms offerings from third parties and/or links to offerings or websites of third parties. Popotam is not responsible for these third party offerings or for the content of third party websites and excludes all and any liability in connection with such third party offerings and websites.
These terms and conditions of use shall apply for the duration of the use of services by the User or for Users with a Popotam Account from creation of the Account for an undefined period.
Users with a Popotam Account may terminate the contract existing between them and Popotam at any time by (i) letter to Popotam SASU, 88 rue Jean Godefroy, 17000 La Rochelle or by email to hello@popotam.me or (ii) the erasure of your Popotam Account in the account settings. In this event Popotam shall delete the Popotam Account and all data finally and irrevocably to the extent that data is not needed to close the contractual relationship, to make or enforce legal claims or in so far as Popotam does not have a legal obligation to retain the data.
Popotam reserves the right to anonymize the data instead of erasing it. The User grants to Popotam in accordance with paragraphs 3 and 5 of these terms and conditions of use the unlimited right to use and dispose of this anonymized data. You will find more detailed information on the use and erasure of data in Popotam‘s privacy policy.
Popotam reserves the right at any time to change or completely or partially discontinue the products and services offered. The User shall have no claims against Popotam by reason of a change or cessation of products or services.
Popotam shall inform the User in text form of changes to these terms and conditions of use at least six (6) weeks before their planned coming into effect. The User may object to changes at the latest two (2) weeks before their planned coming into effect. If the User does not object or does not do so in due time in text form, then the agreement of the User to the change shall be deemed to have been given and the new provision shall come into effect in relation to the User at the planned date. If the User objects in time, then Popotam has the option of continuing the contractual relationship affected by the change with the User subject to the old terms and conditions of use or terminating it at the date of the coming into effect of the planned change. Popotam shall advise the User in the notice of change specifically of Popotam‘s right to terminate, the objection period applicable to the User and the consequences of an objection.
Exclusively French law shall apply to these terms and conditions of use and to all disputes arising from or in connection with these terms and conditions of use between Popotam and the User. Exclusive place of jurisdiction is La Rochelle. Notwithstanding this provision Popotam may however invoke the courts of the place of residence of the User.
La Rochelle, July 2019